CHECKPOINT CALIFORNIA | Programm for children and families

Berlin | June 20, 2015 | 15:00
Deutsche Bank KunstHalle | Unter den Linden 13/15 | 10117 Berlin


California Dreaming!?

Postcard workshop 5 years-old and up

Los Angeles is a place of longing for many people around the world—some dream of living a life of freedom, wealth and success.

The artists in this exhibition have lived for a period of time in the Villa Aurora. What can we learn about California through their art? Together we’ll take a voyage of discovery and then design postcards that we can send to family and friends.

Berlin | June 21, 2015
Deutsche Bank KunstHalle | Unter den Linden 13/15 | 10117 Berlin

Roundtrip from Berlin to Los Angeles

14-15:30 family workshop for the hearing impaired.

16-17:30 family workshop for the blind and visually impaired

Pack your suitcase – we’re off to Los Angeles! Where is the city located? and what does it look like? What sights are there to see aside from Hollywood, stars, and Disneyland? Together we will explore the exhibition using Tastmodell, touch and audio tapes .

Afterwards, we’ll transform our ideas into works of art.

Please register until June 19, 2015 at: (0 30) 20 20 93 11, Fax (0 30) 20 20 93 20 or

Cost: € 3 per child, € 8 per family

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